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File or Drive Synchronization is the process of ensuring that computer files in two or more locations are updated. The exact process is called "Two-way file synchronization". Two-way means that once a file is updated in one location, it is synced to the other device(s).
When speaking about Drive Sync in the context of Cloud Storage, this means that a file which is updated on one device is synced to the cloud storage if the folder which contains the file is marked for syncing. If the same folder lives also on another device, this folder and the file is updated on the other computer as well.
To visualize the scenario think about the devices you own. A smartphone, a tablet, a Windows PC and a Mac computer. You just created a Text document in a folder you told XXL Box to sync on your Windows PC. Suppose that the same folder also lives on your Mac. Instantly when the Text file is saved on one computer it will appear on the other computer, exactly within the same folder as the original file.
This way, wherever you are, files from one computer are also available on any other device connected to XXL Box. You can edit them and instantly they are accessible on any other connected device. For convenience files are also stored in the cloud, so they are truly accessible anywhere you are - even if you haven't got any of your devices with you.

No more thinking and remembering taking your data with you on USB sticks or external Hard Drives. Wherever you are, your files are with you. All you need - is a connection to the internet!
Some scenarios where Drive Sync comes in handy is syncing files you want to work on during the weekend from your office to your Home PC. Once you finish working on your documents at home, they'll be on your work PC Monday morning when you are back at work.

Another use case for File Sync is having your photos and videos synced to your home PC, this also works great as a backup method to keep your phone clean of hundreds of photos and videos you have taken. Once your files are in the cloud and your home PC, literally, they will be accessible wherever you are. You can then even share your files with your family, co-workers or anyone you want to freely over the internet.

With XXL Box you can mark as many folders for syncing as you require. There is virtually no limitation on the number of folders, nor on the amount of files these folders can contain. The only limitation that apply is the provisioned storage space in your XXL Box.
Happy Syncing!

Drive Sync Feature Overview

Drive Sync

Choose which folders you wish to sync with the cloud and your other devices. Sync files from Windows to Mac and your mobile or tablet devices.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage means that your files are stored in the cloud at at-least 3 different locations, thus making it impossible to loose your valuable files due to drive failure or device loss.

Security & Encryption

Your files are encrypted end-to-end, thus making it impossible for intruders or hackers to view the plain contents of your files. Security is XXL Cloud's main concern.


Your files are constantly backed up, once a file has changed it is stored as a revision to the previous version. You choose the folders that you wish to add to your backups.

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