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    Secure Cloud Storage

    Secure Cloud Storage

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Encrypted Cloud Storage

XXL Cloud stands for Secure Cloud Storage. Secure means that files are encrypted when they leave a users device, and decrypted when they return back to a users device. Data is end-to-end encrypted, which means no one else than the user can access the plain text content of files stored in XXL Box. XXL Box offers Free Online Storage for all files which either need to be backed up, or safeguarded against loss.

Synchronize as many folders as you want

Synchronize any folder, and as many folders as you want, between Windows, Mac and Linux PCs. Even on mobile devices and the web you can access your files on the go. Cross synchronize between different Operating Systems. XXL Box Secure Cloud Storage is made to work the way you want! It is the only productivity tool that sets no limitation on folders or files you can store in XXL Box.


Collaborate with your friends or collegues by creating Groups either privately or publicly. This way you can exchange files privately with a set of XXL Cloud Members, or share files publicly. Collaboration features also allow to send messages to individuals or group members as well as creating Wikis.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backing up files and keeping them safeguarded is as important as accessing files on different devices. Backing up files to the cloud, serves also the purpose of recovering from disasters, such as Drive Failure at local servers or desktop computers. At once your valuable data is stored at 3 different geographical locations, so even in the case of a complete geographical blackout - Your data is still accessible!

‘Zero-Knowledge’ Privacy

If you choose to encrypt your data, our 'Zero-Knowledge' Privacy Policy applies. 'Zero-Knowledge' privacy means the server never knows the plaintext contents of the data it is storing. Never. Therefore, the data is never at risk of being compromised or abused by either internal threats or external hackers.

XXL Box Crypto LibrariesTM & Encryption

Files in XXL Box are end-to-end encrypted. But this is not enough; An additional layer of private encryption, so called "XXL Box Crypto Libraries" provide password protected file collections which are encrypted on a users device and decrypted when the files are opened with the password used to encrypt them. Crypto libraries can not be recovered in the case a user looses or forgets the password. XXL Box Crypto Libraries are free of charge and available even in the Basic (free) edition of XXL Box.

XXL Box features overview

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage means that your files are stored in the cloud at at-least 3 different locations, thus making it impossible to loose your valuable files due to drive failure or device loss.

Security & Encryption

Your files are encrypted end-to-end, thus making it impossible for intruders or hackers to view the plain contents of your files. Security is XXL Cloud's main concern.

Drive Sync

Choose which folders you wish to sync with the cloud and your other devices. Sync files from Windows to Mac and your mobile or tablet devices.


Collaborate with your friends or collegues by creating Groups. This way you can exchange files privately only with the members of a Group.


Your files are constantly backed up, once a file has changed it is stored as a revision to the previous version. You choose the folders that you wish to add to your backups.

Group Messaging

Send private or public Messages to friends or co-workers. Extensive Group features allow full collaboration with all Members of XXL Box.

File and Folder Sharing

Share files and folders public or private. Password protect shares or create purely upload folders to which files can be uploaded by third parties.


Wikies are essential for group collaboration. Create and maintain Wikies as a Group and have all valuable information shared with each other.


You decide on how long you wish to keep revisions of your documents. By default 30 days, but you can set it to any period you decide works best for you.


Enterprise level award winning support is just one of the Pros you are getting when signing up to our Pro or Business Packages. We are there for you 24/7/365!

Access your Files from anywhere and from any device

Put your stuff into your XXL Box and get to it from any computer, phone or tablet. You don’t need XXL Box installed, you can even access your data stored in the cloud from a convenient web interface.
Edit documents, add photos, videos, and your music - and show off your pictures or videos from anywhere. Your data is secured even if you lose access to your computer or device storage. XXL Box Drive Synchronization is just one feature: XXL Box works perfect for Backup and Disaster Recovery as well.

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Access fromPC, Mobile, Tablet or Web
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XXL Cloud offers the Best Online Storage Service on the net. They offer unbeaten security and the best cloud storage features your money can buy.