Data stored and consumed in enterprises is growing at an incredibly fast rate. The cost for on-site storage of this generated data, its backup (on or off-site) and the planning to recover from a potential disaster puts a huge strain on businesses as the need for more storage grows almost daily. While data storage at small businesses is a controllable expense, in larger companies’ compliance is likely to dictate certain rules on IT; related to the protection of this data.
The trap most IT decision makers tap into is calculating the overall cost to run and maintain the storage infrastructure, in which not only hardware needs to be calculated, but also Software and IT hours.

We, the industry, talk a lot about unstructured data growth, because this trend drives up IT costs and increases the complexity on such on-site storage solutions.

While we’re constantly being asked for how we calculate and evaluate the storage costs for an enterprise, here is an Infographics which shows the important facts business decision makers need to take into account when opting for on- or offsite storage solutions. The cost of ownership for a hybrid cloud storage solution can run sufficiently lower than an all on-site storage model.

In this infographic we are giving you the facts your current storage vendors don’t want you to hear (or see).

Infographic – The hidden costs of file storage
XXL Cloud Infographic – The hidden costs of file storage

Obviously there is more to file storage than just the primary capacity a business runs on, and running out of storage space can be a daunting endeavour for small and big businesses alike. In the infographic, for example, we cite a Gartner projection which notes a 35% annual growth rate for unstructured data. This means you’ll have to double your on-site storage capacity at least every three years.

The infographic looks at the cost of keeping pace with the primary storage growth, but other less obvious figures like protecting a single TB of data or what it takes in terms of IT hours/salary to manage these growing stores of unstructured data is also taken into account.

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