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‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy means the server storing data is never capable of retrieving plaintext data; therefore, the data may never be compromised through mismanagement, prying eyes, or external bodies looking to gain access.

Online Privacy is not about having to hide something, but about having something that is worth to protect. In this sense data stored with XXL Cloud is protected to protect your privacy.

How does XXL Cloud protect my files?

Let us tell you a few things on how the process works: All communications between you, your computer or mobile device and the cloud are encrypted by standard SSL technology, but this is only the top of the iceberg, as this means data is protected in-transit. Think of data protection as an onion. There are various layers of security which allow different levels of protection.
The first layer encrypts data with your standard password which is tokenized, so it is changable later. This part of the process creates a public and a private key. This token is stored on XXL Cloud Servers, but does not allow decryption on its own. When you log in to an XXL Box App, you authenticate with your email address and a password. This unlocks the process, whereas the token becomes valid for transactions with our servers.
Before data leaves your device, it is encrypted with this token, which adds an additional layer of security over the standard SSL encryption mentioned above. Once the data touches our servers, which are located at various geographical locations around the world, it leaves these servers again after being encrypted with another key, which is specific to the server which received the file, or a chunk of the file.

Up to this point there are 3 different encryption algorythms in place, whereas only 2 would be sufficient to make the data unreadable for us, the service provider, or any other third party that would gain access to our storage servers which are also geographically distributed over 5 continents.
Data is stored in chunks, which are small parts of the encrypted file, which are also geographically distributed, so no file lives on a single storage array at any given moment in time. Above all, there is no indicator of which chunk of a file is the continuance of it, so re-assembling the file when transferring it back to a users device works only when the user is logged in.
Additional to the above, XXL Box for Windows, Mac and Linux offers an additional layer of encryption which we call XXL Box Crypto LibrariesTM which password protect the files stored in these encrypted libraries, independent of the password used to login in to the general service. XXL Box Crypto Passwords are not tokenized, therefore they can never be recoverd if a user looses or forgets them - which means files contained in such crypto libraries can never be accessed again when the password is not known.
Worth mentioning at this point is the fact that the simple encryption methods used are sufficient to ensure 100% privcay to users. The XXL Box Crypto Libraries are a Vault and provided for top secret documents which noone should gain access to, except you, the rightful owner.

For the time being only our Windows, Mac and Linux Client Software allows XXL Box Crypto Libraries. Intensive effort is being made in bringing the same features to our mobile clients on Android and iOS.

The bottom line of Zero Knowledge privacy is - no person, internal or external to XXL Cloud can gain access to your files, as long as you do not share them. Sharing means caring, however share carefully!

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