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XXL Box features overview

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage means that your files are stored in the cloud at at-least 3 different locations, thus making it impossible to loose your valuable files due to drive failure or device loss.

Security & Encryption

Your files are encrypted end-to-end, thus making it impossible for intruders or hackers to view the plain contents of your files. Security is XXL Cloud's main concern.

Drive Sync

Choose which folders you wish to sync with the cloud and your other devices. Sync files from Windows to Mac and your mobile or tablet devices.


Collaborate with your friends or collegues by creating Groups. This way you can exchange files privately only with the members of a Group.


Your files are constantly backed up, once a file has changed it is stored as a revision to the previous version. You choose the folders that you wish to add to your backups.

Group Messaging

Send private or public Messages to friends or co-workers. Extensive Group features allow full collaboration with all Members of XXL Box.

File and Folder Sharing

Share files and folders public or private. Password protect shares or create purely upload folders to which files can be uploaded by third parties.


Wikies are essential for group collaboration. Create and maintain Wikies as a Group and have all valuable information shared with each other.


You decide on how long you wish to keep revisions of your documents. By default 30 days, but you can set it to any period you decide works best for you.


Enterprise level award winning support is just one of the Pros you are getting when signing up to our Pro or Business Packages. We are there for you 24/7/365!

Let us introduce some additional XXL Box features

Let us introduce some of the most important features of XXL Box Cloud Storage, Drive Sync, Backup and Collaboration Productivity App. Watch the video to get an insight on what XXL Cloud can do for you! You'll be amazed!

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