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XXL Box Crypto Libraries are encrypted Libraries, which do have one additional level of encryption on top of the already strong basic encryption XXL Box offers in all its variants. In our “Zero Knowledge Policy” we define the basic level of protection users’ files receive with XXL Box. Crypto Libraries go one level beyond this protection and offer a level of protection for your files which is one of its kind.
XXL Box Crypto Libraries means "ultimately private". Let’s see how Crypto Libs work, and what they can do for you:
Your everyday files, such as images, videos, music, Word and PDF documents are fully protected with our basic encryption. What kind of documents would you lock into a vault?
Right. Copies of your important documents, such like a copy of a passport, copies of insurance policies, top secret documents on this new revolutionary technology you are working on in your company. These are just a few examples of a real life use of an XXL Box Crypt Library!
Unfortunately, we can’t offer to keep your real world Money in this vault, but you could keep your bank documents in it instead.
You see, the above examples are just a few use cases where ultimate privacy makes complete sense.

So how do XXL Box Crypto Libraries work?

Crypto Libraries are created just as normal libraries. In the same dialog you check the “protect with password” checkbox, and are then requested to enter a password for this library.
This password is only known to you! The password is never sent to our servers, practically never leaves a users’ device. Whenever you add files to this library, they are encrypted with the password you provided when you created the library, before they are transferred to XXL Cloud Servers.

Before transfer a second layer of encryption is added, which links only to your account, and in-transit standard SSL technology encrypts the already twice encrypted data. Once the files (or chunks of those) hit our servers, a server side encryption is added, which is private to the server who does the job before the file, in small pieces leaves the public facing server and enters into our private network of storage arrays.

Worth mentioning is that no file is stored as a single entity. Files are chunked before they are distributed over datacentres in 5 geographical locations. So no file lives in a single data centre completely. There is always at least one piece that is missing. This means that even if one data centre would be compromised, there is no way to assemble the encrypted files.
Even if there is a chance of assembling the files back together by an intruder, they would need to hack also into the public facing server, then into a private network which holds server keys, into another network which holds user accounts and finally… they would need to hack your brain, as the final password exists only there.

As we describe in our “Zero Knowledge Policy”, the amount of layers involved in file protection is ultimately high.

Please be aware that XXL Box Crypto Libraries cannot be recovered if you forget the password you used when you created them. Passwords on Crypto Libraries cannot be changed.

We suggest to read this manual on Passwords and Password Security before you create a Crypto Library.

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