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  • XXL Box for Business is different

    Fully Customizable
  • 100% Private Cloud

    100% File Privacy
  • Storage starting from 6 TB

    Upgrade on demand
  • Limited only by your imagination

    Scale, Expand, Upgrade
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    Secure Cloud Storage

    End-to-End encrypted data storage

Cloud Storage for Business

XXL Box for Business is the secure cloud storage, file sharing and backup solution that empowers employees to collaborate anywhere, inside or outside of company premises. Watch team productivity soar with the tool loved by millions. Let team members instantly sync and share data on any device, so they can work together from anywhere.

XXL Box for Business makes data access safe, reliable, and light-speed fast. With powerful admin controls, it can protect information both inside and outside your organization. Forget training sessions, support tickets, and lost productivity. Employees will pick up XXL Box in no time, freeing up your IT team.

XXL Box for Business is different - compared
to other cloud storage services

You are the boss

XXL Box for Business runs on your own, dedicated hardware. Our proprietary software controls the cloud infrastructure and manages resources. No Sharing, no security issues. 100% Privacy within your own network.


We scale with your demands. Increase your demand and we'll scale up. You pay only for the resources you actually use. Straight forward - no hidden fees, no small-prints.

Flexibility and Adaptability

XXL Box for Business can scale to your demands. 100 or 10000 Users - not a problem. Your own setup even runs under your own domain name - so integration into your corporate environment is seamless. Our Apps can also be white labelled and run with your own logo and custom styling.


All our XXL Box for Business installations are maintained by specially trained and security cleared personnel. Software is updated as soon as a new version becomes available or current software is patched. Your Data is 100% safe and private with XXL Box.

100% Private Cloud

100% Private Cloud

We use only private bare metal servers to provide ultimate security and privacy to all corporate installations. Specially trained security cleared personel monitors and maintains your installation.

Private Dedicated Equipment
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Dedicated Servers

6+ TB of Secure Cloud Storage

Virtually unlimited storage can be provisioned in an XXL Box for Business setup. Choose your storage needs in multiples of 6 Terabytes and we are provising your redundant starage setup. Need storage in a location close to your physical corporate headquarter? Not a problem. We can virtually set up your private cloud storage in any country - worldwide!

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XXL Box for Business is limited only by your imagination

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Because time is money


XXL Cloud has partnered with the biggest and most advanced Datacentres and Infrastructure Service Providers from all over the world. As we control our own software we need to rely on partners that provide us and our customers only the very best in services!

Therefor we require a 99.999% Uptime guarantee from our Partners, thus being able to transfer this guarantee of service availability and relyability forward to you, the customer.

A Simple Philosophy

Our approach to business, service and software development is relatively simple - be flexible enough to service any client, engage deeply with clients to understand their needs, be on the cutting edge of technology to provide the best product possible, and stay in tune with clients during deployment and beyond.

Join us and be a part of the XXL Family! After all - Great Product = Happy Customer!

Commitment To Quality

High quality software and services are extremely dependent on high quality processes implemented within an organization. For all our products and services, we have defined processes for project-, quality-, and risk-management, for software design, construction, and testing, for quality assurance, verification, configuration, and change request management. All software development is reviewed by a dedicated quality manager according to the rules of our quality management system.

Some awesome companies we're working with

Deutsche Telekom
Amazon Web Services
Level 3
Hewlett Packard