In research done by XXL Cloud on the consumer awareness about Cloud terminology, and the impact thereof on buying decisions, a surprising outcome has led to the creation of a “Cloud Terminology Dictionary.”

We cloud professionals use terminology like there is no easier way to explain common users and customer’s terms which nowadays are just “common”. Do we expect common users to understand the implications of this this terminology? Well, we think the terms are just “understandable”. The question is; is this really the case? Do common users with no technological background do understand what we talk about? We tested it on a sample of 3000 users of XXL Cloud, and the result may surprise you.

In a questionnaire with 15 questions, to be answered in multiple choice fashion, we found that less than 35% of participating users could complete the research questionnaire with a reasonable positive outcome and a point rating over 75%. The vast majority of participants ranked 40% or lower, proofing that average users have little, up to no knowledge of the implications and impact of cloud terminology on their daily life, however 100% of participants use cloud storage on a daily basis and are confronted with the terminology multiple times each single day.

In 100 personal interviews, done with the participants with the worst outcome of the research questionnaire, the outcome was verified. Doing personal interviews however had a second reason, beside verifying the outcome. We wanted to analyse where the misunderstanding was deriving from, and how this could potentially impact buying decisions on cloud based products of participants.

The full research results shall be published soon on the XXL Cloud Blog and other platforms, showing the full impact of this data. For now, start learning Cloud and Web Terminology in our comprehensive "Cloud and Web Dictionary!"