Yesterday, 22.4 18.00 until today 23.4 6.00 XXL Box customers experienced a service disruption on our home page as well as on the connectivity of mobile and desktop apps.

Starting yesterday afternoon an increased traffic volume from Russia, with no other intent than disrupting XXL Cloud services was discovered by our automated monitoring agents.
As the traffic volume from these potentially automated bots steadily increased, XXL Cloud admins decided to take services off the public network to protect the integrity of our system, but also the integrity of our client’s data.

As bot nets are frequently used to distract administrators from other actions, such as hacking user accounts, certain actions to protect our customers are inevitable.
XXL Cloud’s system can indefinitely grow and adapt to an ever increasing amount of customer’s, but scaling a system to adapt to a bot network is in no intent of XXL Cloud.

The attacking IP ranges came from Russia and specifically from the Moscow area. All the IP ranges have been blocked and should not cause any further disruption to our network, nor to our users and customers.
If this event has caused any trouble to your XXL Box connectivity – kindly excuse our protective measures – primary intent was to protect your data from hacking attempts.

The XXL Cloud Admin Team