Replacing Your Server with the Cloud

by Andreas Maier | Comments | Category: Cloud

Moving on to new technologies once one disposes old on-site servers is just a decision away!

Replacing Your Server with the Cloud
Replacing Your Server with the Cloud

You’ve had that old server for many years now and it has no doubt been a reliable means of storing files. No doubt, this piece of hardware costed several thousand dollars to purchase and even more to set up and configure, requiring an IT specialist with the skills necessary to make it work in your own office network infrastructure.
You spent several hours waiting for your files to be transferred to the server and become available to all computers in your office. This server has indeed served you well, but the end of the servers’ lifespan it is nearing. Its days are numbered. What to do now?

You could, of course, purchase another server - spend several thousands of dollars once again, just to make sure you can get a few more years of service out of a technology and method of file sharing that is becoming obsolete.

The other option, which by all means, is more practical and definitely cost effective, is to take that old piece of equipment, throw it in the trash, and upload your files to the cloud.
By switching your fileservers to the cloud, you eliminate several obstacles that have put a strain on businesses of all sizes.

Like with many things in life, convenience comes at a price. The easier things seem to be, the higher the purchase price tag. Cloud storage on the other hand is one of the rare exceptions to this rule.

The great advantage about cloud storage is the convenience it can be used, even by unexperienced users. Setting up a cloud storage environment doesn’t require anything but the utterly most basic computer skills to upload files to the cloud, and file retrieval is just as easy.

To many it becomes apparent that cloud storage is the way to go! Why? Taking advantage of saving thousands of dollars on server equipment? Why not save having to pay one or more IT professionals to maintain the server and connected infrastructure components? Why not avoid the trouble of having to email files to co-workers or even write them on flash drives if you want to work outside the office?

Finally, there is a means to have both, convenience and affordability, in a single Package. Connect with our Cloud Storage Specialists and get a quote based on your storage/user requirements – and we are sure, this old server that has been serving you for years – just goes out of the window!

We haven’t even mentioned other stuff as collaboration tools, drive sync, BYOD and Backup. All things that run at additional cost in your “old” environment. With XXL Box – you get it all – secure, affordable and reliable! The latest technology money can buy at a fraction of the cost of buying hardware.